Come Sunday and get slow and sloth like…..



I needed the time to reflect.

to sketch my scars. to feel the momentum that encompassed me.

like a pebble drifting to the depths of the ocean, i felt the currents of my words echo relentlessly.

worries that swayed the seas, secrets that etched home in the bone of my being.

yet sitting, steeping, i felt at home.

folded in this space,

in my chaos, my mayhem, my creation, my destruction

i am complete

for this beautiful disaster is my home.

you are home.



Pincha Prep

The past couple weeks I have been working with Pincha prep.  For my practice, the most important part is strengthening my upper back and making sure my hamstrings and hips are open.  Feel free to hold each pose as long as you like, do as many reps as you like – make it feel right.  Remember everybody’s bodies are different.  If this sequence does not jive with you, mix and mash until you find the perfect jam!

  • Sun Salutation A X 4
  • Sun Salutation B X 4
  • Downward Dog – 4 minutes
  • Flip dog – opt. Wheel – Vinyassa
  • Forward bend
  • Malasana
  • Crow
  • Headstand – 4 minutes – Plank X 3
  • Childs Pose

The Video below just demos the sequence.  Remember your holds and to take time.  Quality over quantity.



It is official. I have been a Brit-dweller now for two weeks. Its taken a bit of time to get settled in, but now that I am its time to brush off the dust and fill you in.

IMG_3747[hello from a rainy day in Sheffield!]

For those of you I am catching up, I am now living in Sheffield, England.  Sheffield is just North of London super close to Manchester.  It is pretty much North America with an accent and double decker buses.  We have been here for a couple weeks now and finally settling in.

I wont bore you with many of the small details so to briefly sum it up… Sheffield is very English and much like what you see in the movies.  A little rough around the edges but weirdly beautiful in its tough exterior.  It is red brick and rain everywhere, pubs on each corner and alot of awesome, quirky words such as…..

  • “rubbish”
  • “Quid”
  • “love/mate/duck”
  • “fit”
  • “note”

Yoga has been a bit of journey out here. Thus far I have not found a studio. It seems that the yoga offered here is through churches, schools and gyms. The schedules are sparse and inconsistent.  On the bright side, I met with two amazing yogis Anne Marie and Koreen who run NewYorkshire Yoga.  They are building a space to open in November and would like to take me on as a full time instructor. I am so thrilled to be part of an evolving yoga community here in Sheffield and spread my passion to those around me!

Until then stay tuned for brief videos and recordings with different sequences on my blog.

As Bowie would say…

“i dont know where im going from here, but i promise it wont be boring.”